July 1, 2011

Life Management Skills

Some practical techniques for improving mathe-logical, sequential and analytical skills (they need to be practiced continuously for a long time to get results)

  • Analyse and solve a technical problem. Ask for instructions and write them down systematically.
  • Read and try to understand a budget/ financial report.
  • Calculate a monthly salary, how much it means per minute/second.
  • Learn a new computer program (not game).
  • Define your goals for next year, next decade and for your entire life.
  • Prepare a ‘Time log’ on daily basis and monitor how much you are implementing it.
  • Organize your filing system, desk, cupboard.
  • Be on time for appointments, calculate time for travel, each task, etc.
  • Write detailed job description of small and simple tasks of everyday life.
  • Use logic, explore probabilities, analyze data in decision-making.
  • Find out how a machine (frequently used) works.
  • Review rationally a recent impulsive decision that you took (e.g. you just turned from your regular route and went to a friend’s house).
  • Play logic or number games, practise Sudoku, mind puzzles in magazines or books.
  • Assemble a model kit by following instructions.
  • Prepare personal budget for everyday expenses. Do cash handling.
  • Prepare personal property list of all the things you own, classify them category wise.
  • Write down expiry dates of driving licence, insurance, due dates for bills etc., and calculate number of days left.
  • Find out meanings of some new terms, words, whenever you come across them.
  • Vigorous jogging, preferably early morning.
  • Give and take directions to go to a new place with step-by-step instructions, and see how accurate it was.
  • Do forecasting of how a proposed cricket match, stock market, or election result will go, write down your logical steps for your prediction, and match with actual results.
  • Make a habit of writing neatly, fitting correctly into place, and highlighting/underlining important points.
வலை தளத்தில் படித்தது....

நிறைய விஷயங்களை செய்து பார்க்கலாம் ..பழக முடியுமா? ..தெரியவில்லை

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