February 8, 2012

Activities for Mithra

browse for Activites for mithra and reached this .. Its really gave lot of idea ...

1. Play dough - Kids can be be engaged with play dough by letting them make different shapes or roll, knead, cut. Use home made play dough with different food color. 1 cup plain flour, 1/2 salt, 1/2 tsp oil, and enough water to make the dough. add different food color for different colored dough. It's harmless. u can even store it in the fridge after he finishes playing.
2. While going for a walk collect stones, leaves of different shapes, flowers, pebbles and try to decorate a sheet of paper with his collection. He can paint the pebbles and make different things such as toad stool. depends on the shape of the pebbles. You can make him stick the leaves in the paper, or make leaf print by applying paint on one side of the leaf and taking the print on the paper. While doing this, talk about the shapes (oblong, ovate, linear etc )and pattern of the leaves (simple compound), it's symmetry etc..
3. make him sort the beans of different shapes and color.  You can do this with his cars and trucks (sort based on size, color, or no of wheels etc)
4. give him a bowl full of dhal or rice and provide him with spoons and bowls and plates of different sizes. kids love to scoop and pour the dhal in the bowl. They can be engaged for atleasthalf an hour thro this activity. But be ready to clear the mess. Best is to spread a mat and let him play. teach him to play within the mat. This improves his motor skills.
5. let him play with his bath toys in the bathtub. He can learn about float and sink
6. Provide him with lots of art supplies. let him paint any junk such as toilet paper rolls, rocks, pebbles, pine cones,  you can even make him paint the egg shell and decorate a twig to make a flower vase.  
7. let him use his motor skills in sticking the beans of different colors or rice or nut shells within a picture or a shape to make an art work.  This improves his fine motor skills.
8. Draw pictures of balloons with the straight string and let him use the plastic scissors to cut along the string. similarly draw pictures of flower with a long stem. and let him cut along the straight lines (stem). once he is comfortable, draw the stem or balloon string with zig zag lines or curves. This also improves his motor skills,
9. take his help in cooking. While you make chapati, give him a small ball of dough to make his own chapati.
10. make a tent with bed sheets and dining table and let him have his cave and play inside with his animals. join him in his adventure
11. On a dark evening, use the torch light and play I spy. Let him use his light to find the objects. Give the clues using colors, shapes. use the words small, large, tall short under above below after before etc.
12. use blocks of different shapes and form some pattern sequence and let him continue the patterns or even make his own pattern.
13. Provide him with a magnet and let him observe which all would be attracted and which wouldn't
14. Provide him with the alphabet shapes or any geometrical shapes and let him trace around them.
15. Role play as doctor patient, teacher student, buyer seller, mom and baby etc
16. Play tag to burn out his energy (after you get well :-) ). Kids like to be chased.
17. Make Block prints (with vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, or nut shells). You can even use the toy cars'  tire to make the prints on a sheet of paper.
18. Make your own musical instruments using all the unwanted stuff in your house. use a plastic bottle and put some beans and seal it properly and use it as maracas. Use a rectangular steel box and chop sticks to use it as drum, cut out a cardboard in a guitar shape and tie or paste strings or use rubber bands to pretend it to be a guitar.
19. Play hide and seek
20. let him make his own book by stapling some papers together and sticking pictures from magazines and newspapers. You can even make an alphabet book by categorizing the pictures based on the starting alphabets and make him decorate the page with stickers, crayons, you can even mke him trace the upper and lower case letters in each page.

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